“When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to truth, interdependence and respect – both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best and what is valued most highly.”

Blaine Lee

One of our core institutional clients is Invesco Real Estate. Being its exclusive Dutch transaction and asset manager Trust Realty Partners constantly sources and acquires new real estate investments on its behalf, assisting Invesco to increase and fortify its Dutch portfolio. But also for other investors, including private equity, we source, transact and/or manage realty.

Regarding transactions, Trust Realty Partners follows for its clientele an opportunistic but also sensible approach towards investment opportunities. And the attention from our side is across all asset classes, both large and small. Together with our transaction-management circularity and the strong willingness to engage in the acquisition this underpins our selection, due diligence and commitment to a specific business case. We also try not to put our energy in already recognized opportunities, but preferably in off-market transactions where additional value can be added.

As a dedicated asset manager we continuously monitor and optimize the performance on set KPI’s, however with a typically more entrepreneurial ownership approach than one might be used to. Together with our sourcing capability and supporting transaction management this is one of our main differentiators. With additionally inserting our local knowledge and strong network we believe to achieve higher efficiency & effectiveness for our clientele.

We desire to work alongside our clients throughout the entire investment-management-divestment cycle on an entrepreneurial manner to meet the agreed criteria. We are actively and constantly on guard exploring strengths and opportunities, but also weaknesses and threats, to be able to act if and when they suddenly appear.

We also like playing a role in a specific part of a transaction only and we enjoy creating new relationships for and among our clientele.